My Prayer

My Prayer

Speak to my heart, precious Jesus
Speak to my heart today.
Don't let me go without hearing-
Your precious voice I pray.

Speak to my heart, loving Saviour
Speak to my heart I pray.
Open Thy rivers of mercy-
Oh, how I need Thee today.

Speak to my heart, guiding Shepherd
Let me so clearly know,
Your loving plan for my life
Direct my steps as I go.

Speak to my heart, God Almighty
Visions of holiness see.
Keep my eyes always turned upward
Awaiting Your likeness to be.

-Martie Spurgeon
I trust you are walking in His will - receiving strength from His hand - and finding yourself conformed more and more to His likeness. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you did!


Daughter of the King said...

oh Martie,
this is so beautiful, I was on the phone talking to my daughter in law and HAD to read it to her.....
I did not realize that you had such poetic can you put this to music...
thanks for sharing...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a sweet, precious post!

Sharon said...

Oh so beautiful Martie!!

Mimi said...

this is a sweet beautiful post Martie
thank you for sharing it with us...

HsKubes said...

Yes, what beautiful words!
Thank you for sharing.
It was a blessing.

Thank you, too, for your kind words and for rejoicing with us.
We are enjoying having Daddy home again. ;o)

~ Christina

Cathy said...

That is very beautiful, Martie. I write hymns and songs. You are really talented.

Elise said...

Martie... goodness. Thank you for sharing that beauty; I echo the prayer. Eyes - and heart- turned upward.