Work Before Play

We have gotten our fair share of snow this year. The kids have loved it. I enjoy it too. I always get excited when I see snow falling from the sky. I am thinking that it would be much different if I had to get out in it everyday - but with being home and homeschooling the kids I am able to sit inside a warm house - bake a few cookies and let it snow.

Dad and Rachel were gone Friday and Saturday. Rachel participated in the Great Lakes Music Festival with her violin. That left the other three kids and I home to hold down the fort. James and Abbey took off mid morning and got the sidewalks shoveled.
Later in the afternoon, they were able to enjoy a game of pick up football with two of the neighborhood kids.

It is just beautiful here now with the fresh snow on the ground. It is like living in a winter wonderland. I LOVE snow.
I trust you are have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am glad you did.



Daughter of the King said...

these are cute...
we woke up to snow this morning..much more RARE over here..

Ron and Ginny said...

I love snow, too. :-D