Romance Amongst Duties

On Thursday evening, my husband brought me roses. He does this often - and I love it every time he does. He asked me if I ever get tired of flowers - if after awhile it just becomes - "old hat" to have him bring flowers home for me. I told him - NEVER!

Well, I love it when he brings me flowers that I am able to arrange in a vase. I love to work with flowers and arrangements - so I got these flowers all situated into their vase and placed them on the center of the kitchen table. Last night, while Rob was gone on a music trip with Rachel, the house was quiet and I was trying to get some much needed laundry done. Well, I brought up a load of clothes to fold - and while I was folding I thought of how unique it looked. Flowers in the middle of the table with folded clothes all surrounding them.

Kind of like married life - you are so in love - and enjoy being with each other - but the romance and love come in living life - through the duties and responsibilities that fill our days. I can find that my husband going to work - or being busy with household remodels is just as romantic as a candlelight dinner - if I so choose. For in his efforts and work - he is loving me and caring for me.

Just thought I would snap a still shot of what life is like - Romance amongst Duties.

I am so glad that you stopped by. Oh, I thought I would ask: "Do you ever get tired of flowers?
Just curious. :P

Have a wonderful weekend.


Daughter of the King said...

I like these pictures...and yes you are so right..they are the romance ...but for me isn't flowers...always..yesterday out of the blue my husband bought me a cordless mouse for my laptop...he will paint my walls ANY color I want even when I change my mind...many many things..
but the contra of the flowers and the red life...and I love it..and the simplicity of it..and I think it was wise of you to snap some pictures of it...
I enjoyed them...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so sweet of him to do that! I love flowers too but I have asked hubby not to buy them for me. With my allergies the scent of them give me a terrible headache so he surprises me with other little sweet treasures and surprises!

Sharon said...

I never get tired of flowers! It just gives me that warm feeling inside every time he shows up with a handful of flowers.
I know I'm appreciated.

Daniel & Heidi Schatz said...

Mrs.Spurgeon, What a lovely post this was, and how sweet of your hubby! It is so true that our love is shown in our everyday life. I've been guilty many times of seeing my piles of laundry and the task of being the household chef as a burden. Thank you for reminding me that it is a wonderful thing to show my love and romance for my husband through these things. This was a blessing, and I too never tire of flowers!:)