I have wanted to sit down and write you a post about the burden in my heart for Kenya. We are recieving letters from friends who are missionareis over in this country. I have never read missionary letters such as these. I found tears rolling down my cheeks as I read of the accounts of the conflicts there.
I am amazed at my peaceful life here - and yet, at this very time, people are being killed and slaughtered for reasons that will never be totally understood by western civilized minds. How pride and hate can ruin lives!

It has been encouraging to read of Christians holding true to one another despite tribal differences. Just as encouraging to read of deliverance that God has brought to many people through the love and concern of Christians.
I have chosen not to allow this to be just a news story I read and then go on with my life here as if it is not really happneing. Today, I will homeschool my chidlren, make dinner and prepare for tomorrow - all the while - over in Kenya there are families that are burying their dead and slaughtered family members with no food to eat - and no hope for any tomorrow.

I must keep these people on my heart - and in my prayers; knowing that God can bring pece and deliverance. So often the searching heart finds a lovign Saviour in times of great trial and afflictions.

So today, I will choose to remember and pray for those whose lives will be changed forever. For God knows their faces - their hearts - their needs. I know the burden He has placed on my heart to interceed for them on their behalf.


(Picture from BBC News)

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A Note From Theresa said...

My Pastor just preached on Missions and he took each letter and placed meaning to it. I wrote it down, but missed the bible verses he had to go with them.

No excuse

Men sent to men.
What is a better Heavenly Investment?
Their not over there for a vacation, they take their bible.
Sending them means you help them with prayer and money.
Get involved with their work.
The opportunity of a mission field is our own back yards too.
You have no excuse for not giving and helping them.
Would it be such a big sacrifice to wright them a letter of encouragement?

I really wish I had gotten better notes. I would have made a post with it. But I think you get the idea.