Thrilled By God

I love it when God answers prayer! We have been praying for God to give us wisdom of what to do with the kids' school once we start on the road. We currently use Abeka Video - and love it. We knew we could not be hauling 3 television sets around the country in order for school to get done. Well, last week - God provided us with the ability to purchase 3 portable DVD players. (This shows how much I get out into the tech world - I did not even know they made portable players!)

The kids were so excited. We are now doing school upstairs and loving it. Just another answer to prayer - and a step closer to getting on the road and ministering to families. We are excited.

I love it when God answers prayer! But when prayers are answered faith increases. It is an awesome thing to see your faith increased through answered prayer. It is even better when you see your chidlren's faith increased because of answered prayer.


Last week the dryer went out - and I was left with the thought of hanging clothes in the basement for awhile. However, God in His wonderful love, provided a dryer for us through the generousity of friends who found out about our need. What was special about this is it was all done and taken care of in the less than 24 hours. (We had not even had time to tell the kids that we were going to need to pray for a new dryer! They did not even know ours was broken!) Well, the next morning when we got a call that a dryer was headed our way, the kids were amazed at how it all had worked out. One of them even said - "Imagine this Mom, if God can take care of a dryer before we even had time to pray about it as a family - imagine all of the things that He is going to provide for us when we are on the road." I was thrilled - because my kids were thrilled by God. I love that I serve a God who knows my needs - even before I ask.

Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did. I trust you are finding His provisions for you life completly sufficient. I, once again, find myself amazed by the love of my Saviour!




Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is all awesome!

Mimi said...

what a wonderful lesson in faith for the kids...God will provide for you while you are on the road... and the kids trust in him to do so... that is wonderful...
how long will you be traveling?
it must be a really exciting time for your family!!

Daughter of the King said...

What great lessons ...for you and yours...for us and ours...

Martie said...


How long will we be traveling? This is a question we are asking ourselves!

My husband is entering evangelism focusing on families and family issues. We will be on the road traveling around to churches and holding meetings that are relevant to the family. So we will be on the road when we have meetings scheduled. Our plans, and God can change these, is that we will be on the road 50-60% of the year - and home 40% of the year serving in our local church and writing materials for the family.

We will be putting our house up for sale - and moving to a new home. That is all on take place later on this year. We feel God works through the local church - and we are praying that He will open doors and show us where our 'new' church will be.

So many changes. So exciting.

Sharon said...

God is so amazing and this was such a wonderful faith builder for your children! That is so exciting about your upcoming road ministry!

Becky K. said...

Oh, this so reminds me of my teenage years when my parents were called to plant a church in another town and we moved away from all I knew and loved. We watched God supply our needs for housing and food in ways that could only be described as miraculous.
I am thrilled for your children that they are getting to see the Hand of God so close up!
They will never forget it!
Becky K.

sondra said...

What a blessing! It is so awesome how God works.

Becky K. said...

I'm back to tell you that there is a little blog award waiting at Hospitality Lane for You!
Thanks for being the authentic and nice person that you are!
Becky K.