Autism Tips - April 2008

Each Day I will post a tip concerning autism. I will posts tips for Parents of Autism (PA) and also for Friends of Autism (FA). After each tip I will label which category the tip falls under. Hope you enjoy the tips - I would love to hear any tips you may have too. We can all learn from each other. I will just continue adding to my tips each day - but put the new tip in bold for easier reading.

1. Pray Daily for your child - Pray Audibly with your child - They need to hear us praying for them. Prayer is the key that opens locked doors! / *PA
2. Be an advocate for your child - but not with a chip on your shoulder / *PA
3. Daily try to entrench your child with the understanding of God's love. / *PA
4. Plan and Prioritize for quality time with the other children in your home. / *PA
5. Don't compare your child with other children / *PA
6. Believe the verse: "Faithful is He who calleth you, who also will do it." / *PA
7. Establish a routine / *PA
8. Give the Gluten Free/ Casein Free Diet a try / *PA


CC said...

What a fabulous tip. You are TOTALLY right and it is the thing I am most likely to forget (insert embarrased face!)

Holding It Together said...

This is a great tip and a great reminder, and I love the graphic.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am still figuring out what to post; my mind is overrun with stories and topics and I haven't gotten organized yet. These tips are an awesome idea.

Holding It Together said...

I came back to say that I am borrowing your idea of a daily tip as a way to blog about autism all month.

I am going to post about my favorite resources in a different area each day, and I mentioned you in my introductory post. God bless!