April 3, 2008 - Autism Tip

Autism Tip of the Day
Thursday April 3, 2008 3. Daily try to entrench your child with the understanding of God's love

*Use Bible Verse Picture Cards

* Use Bible Pictures from which to teach : (Someday I plan to get these for Zak)

*Point out God in their daily activities: ("God made your apple - He loves you and wants you to stay healthy." or "Look at the bird, God made the bird - isn't it pretty?"

*Try to teach them to pray - (the best way for any child to learn to pray is to hear Mom or Dad praying!)

*Have godly music playing throughout the day. (I do believe some of the old hymns are some of the most calming music!)

We understand that there probably will be limitations academically that Zak will struggle with for the rest of his life. We do not know what the future holds. Perhaps he will not know how to read or write. (However, I am going to do my best to give him every resource possible to allow him to overcome this obstacle!) Yet, we have decided that if Zak knows nothing else - we want him to have an understanding of God's love for Him. God loves Him very very much. We want him to know deep within his heart that Jesus loves Him - watches over Him - and has a purpose for him. Daily - many many times a day - we try to point out to him the attributes of God seen in everyday life. I want his little heart tender to this wonderful God who loves him so!

If when it is all said and done - (when all the therapies have been tried - all the professionals consulted - all academic resources attempted) - if, at the end of all that there is no result - ( and I pray that is not the case!) - I will consider myself blessed if my son realizes the love of God. If my Zak wakes up thinking about God - enjoying the beauty of nature and realizing in his little mind that God made that - it is then that I will feel we have been successful. The most successful therapy for Zak will be those repetitions and repeated phrases telling him over and over again that there is a God who loves Him!

"Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not..."

Blessings my Friends

(For a complete list of the tips given please go here)


Holding It Together said...

I know we are not doing a good enough job in this area, but one of the ways we taught our son about praying is to stop when we are frustrated about things going badly or losing something and asking Jesus to help us calm down or to find the thing that we need.

He has actually initiated this a couple of times as well!

Shirley said...

So true Marty!! Phil and I pray for Thomas's ability to someday truly understand God's love for him! It has been exciting for us to see him start to repeat Bible Stories even though we know he really doesn't understand them yet. The very fact that he is learning the stories is so exciting because God has promised that His word will NOT return void!! We often wondered if we'd ever have a day where he wasn't screaming let alone being able to read. Now most days are tantrum free and he is learning to read!! He can count to 100 by ones, 10's 5's & 2's! Praise the Lord!! He is helping Thomas to learn, we are so thankful!! We will pray for Zak that he will progress as God sees fit and that through His progress God will be able to greater use your family in your ministry!