Easter Sunday Happenings

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. Such a meaningful day in so many ways. I love the Easter story and all that significance that surrounds my Savior's resurrection. Praise the Lord - He is risen indeed!
It is also a very meaningful day, because on Easter Sunday, 1982, my husband accepted Christ as His personal Savior. The resurrection became real in his life as a 15 year old teenage boy. Praise the Lord for His transforming power.

We had a lovely Sunday morning service this year. I sat in with Zak in his Sunday school class. I love to listen to the children's story as the Easter events from so many years ago are related to them. Oh how much He loves me!!
The Sunday morning message was a blessing to once again hear my husband give his account of salvation so many years ago. The story of a sinner saved by grace never gets old!

I came home eagerly awaiting the dinner in the oven. I was so looking forward to Easter dinner - and the special dessert I had made the night before. I walked into the house to the lack of odor coming from the kitchen oven. I sniffed and sniffed but there was no smell of baking meat leaving the oven door. Alas, when I got to the kitchen the oven was cold - and the meal completely uncooked. Time bake - had not baked in time! We had sandwiches and the dessert that had been prepared for the special meal - (the dessert tasted OK - but did not turn out the way it was supposed to - what can I say - it was not my day in the kitchen!!).

So, we are home from church this evening - supper eaten; and kids tucked into bed. Easter dinner is awaiting us in the fridge for tomorrow night. We will enjoy it then. The table is still set in the dining room for the meal - and it will remain that way until tomorrow evening. I am sure this is not an Easter we will soon forget.
I am so glad that the true meaning of Easter is not the lavished meal - or the dessert specially made for the holiday. Today - is the day we celebrate His resurrection - and the power that has for our Christian lives today.

Trust you enjoyed your day basking in the joy of life eternal - and the power Christ had over the grave.
"Oh death, where is thy sting - oh grave, where is they victory."



Simply Heart And Home said...


What a beautiful entry and what a double joyous occasion Easter is for you and your family. Amen!

Growing Hearts in the Fishbowl said...

I love your blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I have really enjoyed exploring your blog. Happy late Easter!!

Becky K. said...

Oh Martie,
Just when the rest of us are waddling from the huge meals on Sunday you got to enjoy your lovely dinner last night.

I am sure that it tasted good and that it was a blessing to have it all ready to go...

How special for your husband to have come to the Lord on an Easter Sunday.

Becky K.


I know that you will enjoy the dinner tomorrow as much or maybe more than you would have had this not happened. At least you got to feast on what the Lord has done for you as your Saviour. Hope your meal was better than ever. Good post. connie from Texas