Baking Revisited

I thought this Tuesday for Kitchen Tips I would give you the link over to the posts I made on my daughter's birthday party. For her 12th birthday we hosted a Birthday Baking Party. Hope you enjoy - and perhaps get some tips for how you could do a party. It was a lot of fun.


*For you all who normally read my blog - bear with me - I did not want to write a whole new post for this Tuesday when I had a perfectly good Kitchen Tip with the party. :)

Thanks for stopping by for Kitchen Tip Tuesday. For more tips go to Tammy's. (Thanks Tammy for hosting!)




Laura said...

Very FUN!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Simply Heart And Home said...


The party looks like so much fun! Love the invitations! :)

I am having a hen party this Saturday night and am looking for suggestions for a dessert or appetizer. Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Great invitations, they are so creative!

Martie said...

What are you meaning by a 'hen' party? Like a party with hens as the decorations and theme?

I was thinkin perhaps food around an egg theme - perhaps like an egg bake cut in small pieces for an appetizer. I was also thinking for a dessert doing truffles (there is a yummy recipe shared on Tammy's tips today) and shape the truffle like and egg rather than in a round ball. Then I would serve them on the table in a lined basket with a decorative cloth napkin. Hope this helps. Thanks for your gracious comments. I love hearing from you.