Autims Tips of the Week - April 21 - 27

This weeks Autism tips will be for those - Friends of Autism. Perhaps you do not have a child challenged with autism; but you know someone who goes through these challenges. Sometimes it is not easy to know what to do - or how to help those going through a difficult time that we ourselves have not experienced. These tips are for you - our friends. The ones who make life a bit more livable - you encourage and pray for us - and we will be forever grateful!

Autism Tips for the Week


April 20 - 26

21. Please don't expect a child challenged with autism to 'act his age'. Each child is unique - and most of the do not function at the same level generally seen for their age.

22. Educate your children about special needs children. Explain to them that at times they act 'different'; but this is makes them special - not scary! (There are a lot of books out now that help with this endeavour - check out your local library for helps.)

23. Consider special needs children a blessing and benefit for your children. How wonderful that God has given your children the opportunity to grow up around a child with unique and special needs. This is a perfect way for your child to lean compassion and unconditional friendship.

24. Realize that parents of autistic children have different demands upon their life.

*Socialization is more difficult for parents with autistic children. (Play dates may turn into

disaster dates. Ask them how best you can spend time with them and their child that will

not bring stress upon them - but also allow you to enhance your friendship.

* Phone time - or unplanned get together may not be possible. Autistic children thrive on

routine. Often times parents of autistic children find it difficult to go with the flow and

have interruptions in their daily routine.

25. Talk TO autistic children. Sometimes we get so used to talking about our children's

challenges - rather than directing some conversation to them. They love to be noticed and appreciated.


(Our Zak has certain people - quite a few may I add -, who come up and talk right to him every time he is at church. His eyes light up when he sees them coming - he knows that they are going to acknowledge him and talk with him. Many times throughout the week he will mention these people - it really does mean a lot to him - and a lot to me too!!)

26. If your friend's child suffers a melt down - don't judge the parents for the child's behaviour. Melt downs happen with autism - they come and they go - sometimes for no apparent reason. Often times parents are just as confused as to why their child is acting a certain way as you are. Encourage and understand - but don't judge.

27. Pray for families who are challenged with autism in their homes. At times, it is not an easy road - we all need as much prayer as we can get!

If you have a child challenged with autism I would love to hear your tips too!! It is nice to know we walk this road - not alone; but together. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did.




wheresthebox said...

These are all wonderful tips, thank you. It is so easy to stop socializing with parents of typical children because it can be so challenging. We missed a lot of church the first two years as well because it was just a really hard place to be for all of us.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Thank you for educating all of us about autism and how we should act and not act.

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there, I happened upon your site through a couple of other sites. I to have a child with a form of autism called Aspergers Disorder. If I was to share tips with others I may want to share those tips with those who do not have children with special needs. My number one tip would be become involved and extend a hand of friendship to a family of a child with special needs. Nothing thrills my daughter more then people who want to have conversation with her. Not about her but with her. She loves to be talked to and when another child talks with her she feels like they are her best friend. She will always be "peculiar" with her mannerisms but she is so worth getting to know. One thing a few ladies at church do for me is rotate taking turns taking my daughter for a day visit at their house each month.
I know that as a mother of a child with autism you work very hard each day to teach and train up your child. So I want to make sure I tell you just how important you are. I wish every mom and dad of any child with any special need knew that they are just so wonderful for what they do each day on behalf of their child. I am thankful the Lord is there for me to lean on and teach me to do my best job.
~KSR~ From Ross' Country Cottage

MammyT said...

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I am getting better with my Wordpress site.