Bribing 101

I had to wash the beloved blanket. It had to be done! Have you ever been there? Well, nap time came and the blanket was not clean - I thought you would enjoy the conversation that took place before he headed to bed... (His speech at times is broken and hard to understand; but I will interpret for you!)

Zak: I want my blanket for nap.

Mom: It's downstairs in the laundry. You will need to use your other car blanket for nap time.

Zak: I want my other blanket.

Mom: It is not done yet. Tonight for bed time it will be done for you; but for nap time you will need to use your car blanket.

Zak: (Tipping his head to the side and saying rather sweetly) I'll give you a treat if you go down and get my blanket.

Mom :(Trying to suppress a smile) You don't have a treat to give Mom - your blanket's not done yet.
Zak: (A little sweeter - head tipped a little more to one side) I will give you a treat if you go and get my blanket.
Mom: Not today, Zak - you will have your blanket tonight for bed - but just use your car blanket for nap time.

Zak: OK, no treat... (Heads upstairs - as happy as can be)

Go Figure. Where do they get these things? Hmmmm I wonder.

Blessings to you,



Ginny said...

LOL! That was cute and it was very nice that he conceded so sweetly. :-D

A Note From Theresa said...

thats really cute :)You don't get a treat lol priceless!

Deborah said...

You have a beautiful, peaceful site! I don't have a child with autism, but a son with far the issues we deal with are minimal, and we thank the Lord every day for our 'starfish.'
I've enjoyed my visit here.

CC said...

I wonder what treat he had in mind!;)

Simply Heart And Home said...


That is so cute. I wonder what treat he was thinking of! :)



Martie said...

Rest assured that the treat he had in mind was Frito's. This is now his ONLY food of choice. He wants Frito's with his cereal - with his sandwiches - with his cookies. I am sure this is what he was thinking of :)!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh Martie, this was so sweet....
I sure don't know where kids come up with the things they say, but they are priceless.

MammyT said...

We have a photo of my nephew standing sucking his thumb and holding onto his blanket - which was on the clothesline!