Our church offers a wonderful program for the children in our church every Wednesday night. Kids for Truth is a challenging program for our kids that allows them to learn Baptist doctrine in a catechism format.

I feel it is so important that we teach our children not only what we believe, but why we believe the doctrines that we hold near and dear to our hearts. K4T has given our children a wonderful and fun avenue in which to learn basic Bible doctrines. It has been fun to watch the kids study these life changing truths.

On the last Sunday night in May, Calvary hosted our annual K4T award night. The children participated in singing songs and also quoting the doctrines and verses that they have learned throughout the year. This was an especially special award night for us because it is the last year our children will participate in the program here at our church.

Abbey knew that this was her last year here and finished 2 years worth of work in the past year. She has studied her little brain out. James, too was determined to memorize more passages this year than he did last year - he was very successful and more than doubled his badges on his standard. It is amazing how a young person can retain what they have learned so easily . We are continuing to go through the passages and reviewing them to keep them fresh in her mind.
There was excitement at the end of the award ceremony and we decided that dinner out was in order for after church to celebrate the year. So, dressed in our Sunday best, we headed over to McDonald's to celebrate a job well done and a wonderful year.

There was also some sadness too. I think what James said to me in the van on the way to the restaurant put it in perspective, "I'm going to miss all my friends here ..."

I guess that pretty well sums it up. Excited about the changes; but keenly aware that the chapter of our lives here is about to close...


Sharon said...

They all look so adorable! I will be back later to catch up with your posts. :)

Renata said...

What a great idea - installing why we believe into our children is sooooo important!!
What a great blog & a lovely family. I found it through Kimmie's!!
Renata :)


You would feel right at home in our church. Our Pastor loves church doctrine and he too believes that we all should not only know what we believe but why. I am sad to say that I think that is why a lot of churches in our day are losing their way because they have not taught church doctrine. We have grown to love it because we now know that when we let the doctrine slip we are losing what makes us a church a new Testament church. Have a great day and I loved the picutures of you family and tell the kids congratulation on their award but mostly for what they have learned. It will stay with them forever. connie from Texas