Tea Time

Several weeks ago one of my good friends was in town for a visit and blessed me with a gift I KNEW I would have to show on a Friday S&T! Then, we got our unexpected call, and life has changed a bit - and there was no time to post for S&T's because I was busy bonding and rocking our new little one.

The little one is fed, rocked and snuggled down in her bed for the night; and tonight I have time to post about my gift.

My friend had to move away because of her husband's job and I have missed her since the day she left. There are have been visits and on this particular visit she brought me a pink tea cup and nesting tea pot. I absolutely love it! (I also loved that it was pink - the new favorite color of mine!)

She also accompanied the tea set with a gift card to a fabulous premium tea shop here in town. I went to the tea store and purchased the most unique brewing pot that you could have. I have enclosed pictures to see how you brew the tea.

(First you put hot water into the cup)

(Place in the amount of loose leaf tea and close the lid to allow to brew)

(When tea is finished brewing, drain tea by pushing up on the bottom of the cup; emptying contents of cup into desired tea pot or cup)

I also spent a little of my money to purchase some special loose leaf tea flavors. I purchased English Breakfast , (my personal favorite all time tea - and the loose leaf is MUCH better than any bagged tea!) Detox Tea - (this one was very good and had a wonderful cinnamon taste to it) Memory Aid - (hey, anything to help those fleeting name lapses - I AM almost 40 you know!). I have purchased some other flavors too and loved them! The brewing cup has been a wise investment of my friends money.

Also, every time I use my tea pot - I think of her - miss her and thank God for such a wonderful friend. Good news, she is coming for a visit soon and we will enjoy an evening together listening to the kids play, laughing together and this time I will personally introduce her to our new little one and I am thinking that as we chat, she will be in the rocking chair snuggling with my new little blessing; and while she is rocking - I think I will have to enjoy me another great cup of tea!!

Trust you have a wonderful weekend.



Thru Pink Curtains said...

you have quite the family, i love the title of this blog, reminds me of leona lewis when she hits her high notes, it rings so true and pretty like your tea cup here. God bless your family.....

Hootin' Anni said...

Let me tell you, believe me....I WANT that nesting tea pot. Love the colors, it's so delicate and feminine!! A perfect show n tell

A Hint of Home said...

I love the tea pot. The colors are so pretty & it looks so delicate.

Anonymous said...

That is really neat and I love your tea pot.

Constance said...

I'd say you have a wonderfuil reason to be too busy as of late. Some things are just more important and your new daughter is beautiful! I've never seen a brew pot like that before! I'll have to look when I go back home to St Charles next month for one. There's 2 wonderful spice shops on old Main Street and they have all kinds of tea stuff!

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Martie,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment on my quilt.

Your teapot is such a treasure - you will get so much enjoyment out of it... :)

Blessings back to you! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

Beautiful nesting teacup and pot. I never heard of the brewing cup. What a neat thing!!!

Susie said...

Congratulations on the sweet addition to your family and I enjoyed seeing your teapot. I can imagine that it does remind you of your friend each time you use it.

Love Bears All Things said...

That looks like a great gadget. I like the tea pot too. I have several of those pots and cups combined. I also like English Breakfast tea.
Mama Bear

TJ said...

Wow I have missed so much over here! Wonderful gift, I've never seen that before.

cookie said...

your story gave me chills...really


Barbara H. said...

The teapot is just lovely in itself, but it in infused with such meaning and memories.

Congratulations on your new little one!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Martie, I love that teapot! My husband loves loose leaf tea and he has one of those little tea drainer things too.

Have a lovely weekend!


Kelli said...

Congratulations on your new little blessing, Martie! What sweet gifts you received, a hot cup of tea is a wonderful way to take a little break!

Jewelgirl said...

Love the brew pot, the teapot is
so pretty! You need relaxing tea,
with a little one to take care of.
Now you can have tea from a pretty
tea set! :)

Emily said...

You have such a beautiful blog and the music absolutely inspirational! The tea pot is so beautiful!! I love teapots and really enjoyed your show and tell!

Join me every weekend for "Weekend Decorating" on my blog: http://emsbingy.blogspot.com if you would like to. Hope to see you there!

Have a great night!