Shelter - School - Schedules

As you can see by the frequency of my posts - life here has been busy. All good - but very busy.

We have been actively pursuing living accommodations in our new city. It has been tiring, exciting, discouraging - and all of those things in the same afternoon! Changes always bring along uncertainties - and new opportunities for us to trust God and His leading in our lives. Seems prayer makes these times so much easier. I am finding I can leave my concerns with God and He brings peace and shows the way. So, I continue to learn more and more how to trust a God who loves me and cares for me.

This weekend has been busy for the new pastor and his wife that are moving here. They have been down in the area trying to secure housing here too. We were thrilled to find out that they were able to find a home to live in and things are falling into place with their move here. We are now down to just a few weeks before they will be arriving here at Calvary.

The kids all finished school last week. We buckled down and got the school year done a little bit before we had planned. It felt nice to get that last day done and the books put away for the last time this year. We all were very happy to be officially in 'Summer break'. (Which will also be moving break and ministry change break.)

Our new little one is doing great. We have successfully got her onto a schedule. She has adjusted really really well.. She is most definitely a Mommies girl and I am loving it. Seems all the rest of the kids were Daddy's girls or boys - but this one is all mine. She smiles all the time - talks to me all the time and enjoys the company of her new siblings. They all have enjoyed taking her on walks, feeding her and getting her dressed for the day. She is never in need of company!

As much as I love Summer - I am not one fond of having a day that just goes to the wind. I sat down this past week and finally got everyone on a schedule. I love my schedules. I am not a happy person when I do not know what comes next. I find my kids to be quite a challenge when they do not know what comes next too! It felt good to have the days planned out and start implementing the new system of time management for the summer. It also was fun having a whole new section for our little one. It is nice to have the joy of a new added blessing to our home!

Well, I will close. Trust you are staying busy and enjoying the beautiful days of spring. I am hoping to get some laundry hung out tomorrow and get the house ready for Sunday when our realtor is hosting an open house. I am praying for an offer this weekend -- all it takes is one!!



Simply Heart And Home said...


I too love my schedules! Life is much less hectic that way.

I'm glad everything is falling into place for you and yours and the baby is a "mommy's girl"!

Have a lovely weekend


Kimmie said...

Well, I am not much of the schedule type, but I am glad that you have found one that works for you.

Good for you that you got your work all finished. The kids must be rejoicing, no?

How wonderful that you finally have a mama's girl. Blessings to you my friend.

Enjoy your summer, it goes ALL to fast.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted