Commitment is not a term endeared to cowards. Commitment requires a passion, a cause and dream that is worth sacrifice. You can not have commitment without a willingness to sacrifice.

This memorial day I want to focus on the commitment of my husband's grandparents. They both understood the word commitment - and they both understood sacrifice. However, because of their passion for commitment - they rarely took note of the sacrifice. For when a cause is so near and dear to your heart- the sacrifice that is needed to be made - is not grievous; because the commitment to the cause is valued more than any sacrifice.

My husband's grandfather fought in World War II. He left World War II alive. He left the war a hero. He left the war altered physically from the wounds suffered in combat. The Battle of the Bulge changed is life forever. For the rest of his life he lived in a wheelchair because of the sacrifice he made for his country. A price he continued to pay for more than forty years after the battle ended.

His young wife - eighteen years old - also sacrificed for her country. The war brought back to her a husband that physically was never the same as the man that left her for war. The war changed her life too. She would spend the rest of their lives together caring for his needs - getting him out of bed, getting him dressed and pushing a wheelchair from place to place. This is a hard lot to hand anyone - but, even harder a young girl. Many young wives walked away from the altered men that were given back to them from a war.

However, just as her husband understood the word commitment to his country - she understood commitment to her vows - taken only months before he was shipped off to war.
Through the years - they loved each other and raised their family together. They understood commitment. They had committed to each other their love - 'for better or worse'... they had committed to their country a vow to honor, defend and protect... no matter what the cost.

For over forty years - both of them continued to pay the price - for both of these commitments. His tired body was laid to rest over 10 years ago. The jets flew over the grave site, the flag was folded pristinely before us and handed to his widow, the guns shouted their salute to the fallen soldier who had given all - and we wept. Tears of grief and tears of thanks. Our freedom came at his expense, and so many others, as well.

This memorial day - I will remember the commitment of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. For some the ultimate sacrifice was their very lives. Yet for others, the ultimate sacrifice was, (and is...) living a life altered physically by the wounds of war; leaving them with limbs that are gone, or do not work properly. Causing each day to have challenges that they never dreamed they would face and pain that they never knew they would have to endure.

This memorial day I will remember them - and be inspired to believe in a cause worthy of the ultimate sacrifice.

For all of those who have given - THANK YOU!!



Daughter of the King said...

I remember too, and am so thankful for family like yours and mine as well.


I remember along with you. I am so thankful for all those who not only know the word but live the word,"commitment." For without them where would this Country be? Only God know. Have a wonderful and blessed day. connie from Texas

Daniel & Heidi Schatz said...

Beautifully written, thank you for reminding me of their great sacrifice!