The Girls and Me - At Tea

Recently, my girls and I had the opportunity to go to an afternoon tea. What a wonderful time we had together. I love activities that promote the feminine side of womanhood. So much of our culture seems to want to pull us away from the fact that God made little girls to be girls - and there is a difference between boys and girls.

So, we got up and prepared ourselves for the tea by dressing up. We had the most fun dressing up our new little one - for she was invited too!

When we arrived at the tea we found the theme to be "Windows of the Heart". All throughout the room there were different decorated windows hanging down. The girls and I had a fun time picking out our favorite window decoration.

Our tables were set with a lovely tea pot that was used to serve us our tea. We ate dainty little sandwiches and fruit cups. We enjoyed homemade scones and tea cookies. It was fun to eat together and enjoy the company of other ladies - and ladies - in - waiting.

The afternoon was filled with games and giveaway prizes. Several ladies took home new tea cups that they won on their afternoon outing.

Our china cabinet now houses three new tea cups. Each of the girls were invited to bring their own special tea cup. We made a trip down to the local thrift store and came home with a few new treasures. The girls now have their own special tea cup for future use and also for a keepsake - reminding us of the wonderful afternoon together.

(I brought my special tea cup as my tea cup for the day)

(Rachel's tea cup)

(Abbey's tea cup)

(Our new little one's tea cup - you can't tell from the photo - but it is a very small cup!)

God really spoke to my heart to make sure that I stay clean before Him - free from attitudes and sin that hinder His light shinning through me. When I am not right before Him others around me can not see the Saviour they so desperately need. What a challenge the theme was to my heart! Each lady was able to take home a special made tea bag. How appropriate the verse on the bag - as the theme was keeping our lives clean - so others can see Christ!

The drive home was fun together - just us girls. Talking about girl things and giggling and laughing together. What fun God gave me when He blessed me with so many girls.
Trust you are able to find special occasions to allow your girls to enjoy being little ladies. Our world needs to see Christian's ladies embracing God's distinctiveness between men and women.
What better way to do that than to have little girls who have learned the attitudes of the heart that promote femininity.
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Mimi said...

what a wonderful and blessed day you had with your "girls", it is a special memory they will remember forever...

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your special tea with your girls sounds so wonderful! You are absolutely write about keeping ourselves centered on the Lord.

Have a blessed day!



This was such a wonderful and joyful post. I enjoyed it all. The tea cups were just beautiful as was the theme. I wish that I could have been there. I have never been to a real tea party. We used to play "tea party" as girls my five sister and I but never to a real one. It look like such fun. I have a special tea cup, much like yours except it is all one mauve color. I love it, my youngest son gave it to me on a special Mother's day with several kinds of tea. Thanks again for letting me take part in this way. It was a pleasure. connie from Texas

Meredith said...

How lovely! I can't wait until my Elise and I can start such feminine traditions together.