Foot Washing Moments

When I think of Jesus Christ I am amazed at His love for me. I read in awe through the gospel accounts of His life here on earth. I am humbled that the God of this universe, the Creator of all, loved me enough to die for me. The greatest act of love and servant hood that Christ showed was dying on the cross for the sins of all mankind. I am amazed at His love and His humility.

There is another story that shows clearly Christ's servant spirit to mankind. That was when he washed the disciples feet. When he stooped to the job of a servant to show His love and compassion for those around him. I feel I would have responded like Peter. "Oh Lord, you can't wash my feet! Not You Lord!" I am also sure that my response would have been the same as Peter's when the Lord told Him if He did not wash his feet Peter would have not part with him. "Please Lord, not just my feet - wash everything!"

I have thought a lot about this story here in the last couple of days. How much Christ showed humility when He served the disciples in this one great act of kindness. I have thought of this in relation to my life. I am to show Christ to those with whom I come in contact. I must be willing to serve in order for them to be able to see Christ. How many times have I passed up opportunities to serve? Perhaps some were passed up because I did not want to do the task at hand. Others perhaps, were passed up because I was too busy with other things to notice the needs of that person near me. Whatever the case may be, I know I could show Christ more; and have been challenged to rise the this endeavor.

I have decided to start looking for these opportunities. To train my eye to see those in need - those that need help - those I can bless. I will look at these as my "foot washing opportunities". Those times when I am able to show Christ to someone. Perhaps, it will be a stranger, or a struggling friend. Perhaps a neighbor or another mother caring for her children. I wonder how many 'foot washing opportunities" I will find right within the very walls of my home - amongst those that I love and care for on a daily basis.

My mission - my passion must be Christ - - to Know Him and to Show Him to those around me.

Trust you find someone to care for - to show Christ. I hope you find the 'foot washing moment' that God brings into your life today.
Blessing to you my Friend,


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Sharon said...

This desire comes only from the Lord. May many more Christians begin to realize this in their own lives.