Moving Plans

The plan is to pack one room of the house each day. Finish on Saturday of this week and have Monday through Wednesday to enjoy the last couple days in our town and to get the house specially cleaned for it's new family.

Here is the schedule if you are interested:

  • August 13 - Pack Front Room *
  • August 14 - Pack Mudroom and Front Hall (including school closet) *

  • August 15 - Pack Dining Room - yet to be done - (I was having an insane day and just did not get to it!)

  • August 16 - 17 - enjoy a weekend with my husband **

  • August 18 - Get all laundry done, prepare menu for week, clean house from weekend gone*

  • August 19 - Pack Boys' Room*, Girls' Room* and Master Bedroom / Take down beds and move frames to the garage/ Make all the meals from Wed to next Thursday and Freeze*.

  • August 20 - Pack Kitchen / Have visit with social worker about our new little one* / Pack dining room after I get home from church

  • August 21 - Pack downstairs pantry / laundry room / take up odds and ends from school room

  • August 22 - Pack up lockers from downstairs/ call about utilities hookups for the new house*

  • August 23 - Pack up Bathroom / Prep to leave for church at 6:00AM in the morning/ be thankful this is the last Sunday with a 2 hour drive proceeding church !!!

(* Means this task has been completed!)

Here is our Menu for the next week. I plan on getting all of this prepared tomorrow afternoon and having it frozen for the week. (I did something similar to this when we got our new little one; and I LOVED it!) I have included for you just the evening meals. We will have cold cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

  • Wednesday: Homemade Pizza that has been frozen

  • Thursday: Baked Chicken in the crock pot

  • Friday: Spaghetti

  • Saturday: Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Sunday: Chili (for a fellowship dinner at the church. I will bring it and put it in the crock pot while we are in services. It will be ready for the noon meal. We will have sandwiches for dinner and eat them on the way home that night)

  • Monday: Taco Bake

  • Tuesday: Farmhouse Chicken

  • Wednesday: Egg Bake

  • Thursday - MOVING DAY: Egg Salad Sandwiches (enough for those here helping us move) then for dinner: Sloppy Joe's (also enough for those here helping us move) I also plan on making an extra large batch of Sloppy Joe's that I will have ready for when we get to the new house. I will slip the meat into the crock pot when I get there and it will be heating up while we are unpacking the truck - then when we are all famished we will have dinner waiting!

So - this is the plan. I do know what they say about the best laid plans of men... but I had to do something to try to get this all figured out. I will try to keep pictures and posts going updating the progress here. Let me know if you think of anything I have forgotten.

Oh, I do plan on doing paper plates and glasses and bowls for the meals. (Don't hate me green people - I never purchase paper plates!! We even take our 'normal' plates on picnics and I bring them home to wash.) However, I felt that this was one occasion when I would splurge. I also plan on discontinuing the cloth diapers for our little one after Friday. I will get them washed hung on the line and dried before the weekend. I will try not to think about what all of this paper products is doing to our landfill!!

I will keep you posted!



Becky K. said...

I will keep you in my prayers during this busy and exciting time.

Hopefully Zach is excited about the move and this isn't too disruptive for him?

Becky K.

Martie said...

Hi Becky,
Zak is having some issues with the move. Not really being bad; but having a very hard time communicating again. Seems his stuttering is quite pronounced and we are having to sit and watch him struggle so with his words. It is hard for him and for us as we wish this was not such a struggle. God is faithful and we are trusting Him.

Thanks for your prayers at this time. We are busy!!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh I do hate packing and moving! Praying all goes well on yours.