Gluten Free Bugs

The goal this week was to have everything pretty much packed so that we could enjoy the last week here at our house without the stress of trying to get it all done. So far, so good.

The kids enjoyed most of Monday outdoors and playing. He has seemed to enjoy playing outside more than normal and I have actually caught him doing 'normal' five year old boy things outside.

One of which, is catching a nice, big, fat, juicy bug. Alive and moving. He talked with his bug, played with his bug and then made an extra special home for his bug. He came in and asked me to come and see his new built bug house.

I was very excited about the prospect of looking at this house made by Zak. Mostly because, normally Zak is just into building one pile of gravel up and then moving that pile to another pile - this he does for hours and hours on end.

The special home was prepared for the bug on the top side of our ice chest. He lifted the red cup that was housing the creature and showed me with pride and love his bug. The bug was attached and eating a nice size Frito - Zak's Frito from lunch to be exact (one of the few treats his special diet allows him). Zak proceeded to tell me that this bug was allergic to gluten; and he was on a soy free, egg free and milk free diet. So there you have it - one nasty looking bug - that lives in Wisconsin - is gluten free.

The bug has gone home - Zak let him go before dinner. "Because he had to go home and tell his Mommy where he was before it got dark."
My little man is asleep in bed for the night - and I am left with smiles. You couldn't pay my enough money in the world to miss these days! I love being a Mom!!


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~~Deby said...

This is so cute...such a BOY!!!