Too Cheap To Eat

In my attempt to be organized and have thing running smoothly around here, I purchased plastic kitchen ware for this next weeks meals.

In my attempt to be frugal, in spite of the plastic purchases, I found plastic silverware that was very cheap. I purchased only one box of the utensils - I figured - "plastic silverware can always be washed."
However, this silverware was TOO CHEAP TO EAT with...


The plastic pieces work fine with cold food; but bring hot food into the picture and well...

The effects of the fork, while stabbing at the hot chicken were similar to the special effects on the movie The Wizard of Oz. In fact, we thought we could hear the fork cackling, "Help, I'm melting..." as we tried in vain to capture the hot piece of meat onto the eating utensil.


We gave in, found the taped up box marked "everyday silverware" and got out the real thing.


Trust you have found laughter around your dinner table. Somehow, family memories are made best with laughter and unexpected moments. Thanks so much for stopping by, I am so glad you did.





Edi said...

I can't believe they actually melted!! Sometimes it doesn't pay to get the cheapest of something...happened to me with a bedding set...sheets so thin and horrible feeling...I worried that each time I pulled the sheet up it would tear. First time I washed the fitted sheet before even using it and it tore!

~~Deby said...

Now that is CHEAP silverware..made in China..huh?