This past weekend, my husband and I were able to enjoy some time to ourselves. It was a real blessing - as the past several weeks have been filled with so much! We have been together - but not ALONE together.

We spent one night at a motel in the new town where we will be moving. It was absolutely lovely. I loved the view from our room and I regretted that I had not brought the camera to share some view with you. As I looked out my window, I was able to see acres and acres of corn fields. Now, I do not particularly find corn fields to be beautiful; but when they surround the town where we are soon to be moving - it means one thing - we are moving to the country! Our home will be located in a small little town; and as we drove through - I was pretty sure I heard the theme song for the Andy Griffith Show! I am going to LOVE it!

The next day we were able to spend the entire afternoon touring the city of Milwaukee. We walked along the waterfront and sat and watched people coming and going around the art museum. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. We then headed to a street mall and enjoyed a dinner at a Mongolian grill and some shopping at Barnes and Nobel. It was nice to just be together.

So much to talk about as we prepare for the big move next week. I have been so busy planning and packing; and Rob has been so busy getting trained for his new job that we have not enjoyed time together. It was much needed and very much enjoyed.

I am back - and packing again. I will be posting pictures here soon of the sights around the house - boxes - and boxes and then there are more.... boxes.

Till I sign in again - blessing to each of you.

Packing like a Madwoman,

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