All Moved In - Update

What a week we have had! I am finally back with the computer and feeling pretty happy about it! Amazing how much you can miss the blog world when you are gone.

The move went remarkably well. There have been little things here and there as big changes often produce; but we are moved in and getting unpacked. I have had a little bit of sadness missing the familiar. Funny how you find comfort and security in the normal everyday. So, I am busy getting unpacked and trying to get to a new normal.

The kids have handled the move well. All of the older kids where such a blessing and help throughout the big move. I am not just saying this - but I could NOT have done it without them. It has been good to work together as a team and grow closer together throughout the process. Zak has done better than expected. I have had mild issues yesterday and today with his behaviour. However, his speech - which usually is the first to go during crisis times - has been better than normal. I am thanking the Lord for this blessing. Our new little one - well, she has been quite intrigued by all of the changes. She has not been bad - just has decided that she would rather see what is going on - than take a nap. She also is busy trying to get up and walk!! I am thankful for older kids that I can ask to take her on a walk just to get her off the floor and into confined quarters for a few minutes!!

I am just thankful for everything that has transpired throughout the last weeks. God has given strength to us as we had so much to do. He has given grace to us as we look and see all He has done to bring us to this point and time. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement about Zak. I will update further about the tests results. We are still researching and trying to find the best solution for his challenges. We continue to pray for wisdom and find comfort in your encouragement and prayers.

I am so happy to be back - trust you are having a wonderful day reflecting on God's goodness to you.




the Weigt Family said...

We've missed you!! Can't wait to catch up on more details. Hope all is well!!

Jendi said...

Glad to hear it's going well with you.
Sounds like you are very busy!
May God continue to be with you every day.