Our First Meeting!!

Please be in prayer for us as we head out this weekend for our first set of meetings. We are excited and a bit nervous. It seems like things are coming at us from every corner. We are still busy getting unpacked and settled and also preparing for the meetings. We are glad that God gives grace and strength!

Our first meeting is this evening. Rob will be preaching and the kids singing and doing some special musical numbers. We then have two services tomorrow. Pray for God's wisdom for us and for hearts to be touched by the power of the Word of God.

I will fill you in on the weekend when we return home. Thanks for your prayers. I trust you have a wonderful weekend and are challenged by the things of God at your church services. God is good!!



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Becky K. said...

How very exciting.

My Dad was a Pastor and I used to love it when traveling evangelists came to the church. It was all the better when they had children to play with. In those days the evangelists would often stay with us or park their RV in the church parking lot for the time they were there.

I trust your family finds this new calling to be a blessing. I know you will be blessing others as you go.

Becky K.