Leading Them to God

It was a problem I could not make better. It was a little problem to me; but a big problem to my son. He came to me - fear in his eyes - concern on his heart and wanted me to take care of the problem; but I couldn't. I was incapable of handling the situation.

I pointed the hurting,fearful heart to the Lord. "God can fight your battle - God can defend your name. You need to trust Him with the problem. He will either stop your accusers and shut their mouths; or He will give you grace to endure. " He then bowed his head in prayer asking God for help in his 'time of trouble.'

I continued to drive the van. All was silent - my son, with ball cap removed and eyes closed was taking his request to God. Yet, not all was quiet in my heart. "Had I said the right thing? Was I leading him to a false hope...?" Yet scripture rang through in my mind - God is our defender, our help our strong tower. Yet, I realized that I did not want to point him to God and then not have God show Himself mighty. I prayed in my heart, "Please God, hear his prayer, show yourself strong." (It became evident to me that perhaps my prayer was even more fervent than the prayer of my son.) How I wanted him to see God work; and yet, in the bottom of my heart I felt a small twinge of anxiety: "But, what if He didn't?"

It was several hours later. I was greeted by his smile and his testimony. "God took care of it Mom!" He filled me in on not only how God took care of the situation; but how he saw God do exceeding abundantly above what he had even asked of him. The light in his eyes opened a window into his soul. A soul that stood in awe of his God.

This incident has made me ponder. How many times have I not directed my children to God in fear that God might not come through for them; and have instead through my own efforts tried to take care of problems in my own strength. How many times have I stifled an opportunity to let God work in and through a situation?

"Please Lord, increase my faith. Cause my faith in you to be so strong that I can with all assurance send my children before your throne making their requests known to you. Remove my self efforts from the picture and help them to see you!"

"I believe... help Thou my unbelief..."

I trust you are growing in your walk with the Lord. That you are allowing the blessings God has brought into your life to point you to Him and in turn point others to Him. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!

Resting in Him,