Lay Me Down to Sleep - but where?...

Each family that moves can attest to the fact that every move is filled with mishaps and setbacks. You just do not move a family of 7 without a few ruffles in the covers. Well, this move has taken the cake to every move we have ever made up to this point. It has been filled with one inconvenience after another!
One such 'inconvenience' was the mistake of leaving the crib at the old house in the attic. (It was the last thing that needed to be brought down out of the attic - it also was the last thing that we forgot to get into the truck!) So, our new little one has been spending her nights in her pack and play while we try to find the time and the money to purchase a new crib. (This has not been really too bad for her - as we had not yet set up the crib for her at the old house, knowing we would be moving in a few weeks and would have to tear it down relatively soon after putting it up - so she is very used to her pack and play!)

This afternoon there was a sign for a garage sale in our neighborhood. I decided to do a quick run and see if they happened to have any baby stuff. ( I have been praying that God would allow me to find a garage sale with a crib). Well, the Lord answered my prayers and I was able to purchase a crib for $20.00. It was good to get to know another set of neighbors in this small town - and also bring home a crib for baby.

God is good. I am so glad that He knows just what we need and answers prayers. I am so glad that God provides for our needs and also for our mistakes. What a loving Heavenly Father we have - it is neat to see Him meet the little needs in our everyday life.

Trust you are resting in His care and promises. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!



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