Hitting the High Notes Someday?

Our "Little One" loves music. If the children are practicing their violin's she is right under their feet listening to them. If I am playing the piano - she is right next to me playing the notes at the top of the piano while I continue on. She loves music!

Well, today she showed us that she loves opera. I try to play classical music in the afternoons and had one CD in that I had not listened to in years. When I came into the front room she had crawled over and was sitting right in front of the entertainment center, face up towards the CD player, rocking back and forth to the music. If I turned it off - she made an obvious protest that she wanted her music back on. So, I thought I would let you watch a video I found of the particular piece to which I found her so captivated. ( This was the best video I could find of the piece - there are a few introductions before the song - just fast forward the video to the 1:00 mark when the actual song starts - oh and don't forget to turn off my music at the bottom of the page before you do! ;) Enjoy!

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