Have I Lost My Mind?

Sometime today, it came to my attention that my brain is going a hundred miles an hour - and during the journey - I pass my time letting my mind wonder. Mostly through question after question after question. (These particular questions are not asked by my kids, and I do not utter them out loud - they are played in my mind for my enjoyment!)

I thought I would share a few with you... Perhaps you will find your mind on a similar journey! The funny thing is how quickly our thoughts change and go from thing to thing. I guess that makes life so much more exciting! Here is my ongoing Q&A time - for time sake, I am just sharing with you the "Q" part!

Will the weather be nice enough to hang out the laundry today?

Will I like that new tea I purchased?

What will Zak be like when he is 21 - will he ever be 21?

When did I get all of this gray hair?

Where are Rachel's quiz books?

How much longer until the kids will be done practicing their violin!?

Is the phone ringing? I wonder if it is Rob calling on his break?

What is my blood pressure this afternoon?

Do I look old? Did I think my Mom looked old at 37?

Where will Rob and I go tonight on our date?

Can I take my camera in and get it fixed tonight?

What time is it?

Will my Little One wake up just as I get into bed?

Did I set the alarm?

Will I get up when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning?

Trust you day is full of questions just waiting to be answered. What a boring life this would be if we knew what was happening next. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!


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Kimmie said...

hmm, yup I have some different questions running through my mind these last few days.

Tonight as I was sitting in church, I was pondering what is the difference between heartbroken and discontent (physically/spiritually).

Honestly, I am struggling with our baby being 6 months old already (not sure when she will come home?), I had wanted to try to nurse- the breastpump is sitting on my dresser, the many many years of secondary infertility...but then I started thinking on the verse...Hope deferred makes the heart sick... can't quite figure out what it is I am feeling.

I need to pray, as I want to rest in content without any of the other junk floating around in my mind.

thanks for letting me vent. Thanks too for your prayers.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted