Weighing in on the Election

I am having a hard time this election year because...

*I have a hard time saying that a man has character when he has not been loyal to the vows he made to his wife at the wedding altar.

*Character matters - and a man who is seeing a woman while he is still legally married to another women fails to pass the character test in my eyes.

*I still believe that the best place for a woman with small children is at home spending the majority of her efforts being a Mom. (I also believe that the Bible clearly backs up this position.)

*I have a hard time understanding how a person who says she values family agrees to appear on a show that does it's best to under mind the very institution that she says is most dear to her.

*I have a hard time swallowing the "Deborah" line of thinking - when her husband is standing beside her in agreement with her positions.
*I am tired of having to choose between the lesser of the two evils.

*This presidential candidate's past religious experimentation's quite honestly - scares me!

*A wife whose husband is running for president and has only recently felt that she is proud of her country quite honestly - offends me.

*I do not view any child as a mistake.

I wish there was another to choose from ... and in a small respect there is. My patriotic spirit loved what John Adam's so fitly said years ago:
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost -John Adams

So many uncertainties - so many quandaries - but... there are a few things that I know for certain...

*The cause of America's problems is not her politics

*The answers to America's problems will never be answered in the political arena

*The Christian's of America have more ability to change the world we live in than any political party could ever hope for

So, while I am still wishing that there was more to choose from, I have been challenged to live my life as a Christian in a way that will make and impact. To live apart from the world so that the world can see that there is a difference. I have recommitted myself to the values and principles of God's Word.
The only hope America's future is for Christian's to turn back to God and live a first century church lifestyle in today's day and age. I must accept personal responsibility and realize that this starts with me. As a Christian I have an obligation to God and to America to walk worthy of my calling.
Even so come Lord Jesus!"



Jodi said...

An excellent post, Martie, and one I completely agree with! I've had to stop many times over the past couple of weeks when fear grips me when I think about the upcoming election, and turn it over to God.

Susan said...

I very much understand your concerns! One of the things that makes America great is the right to vote one's conscience.

~~Deby said...

I agree....so much...I feel like I am voting only to block someone who is so PRO-ABORTION....not as a someone who really endorses the person(s) I am voting for.
I cannot believe just how evil one of the candidates is....
You nailed it on this post.


I have found myself asking the very same questions as you, Martie about those in this election. My heart breaks when I see where our Country is heading.

I agree with you that politicial parties will never change the people in our Country. It takes a change in the heart that can only come from the Lord Jesus Christ. It is up to you, me, and other Christians to show Him in our lives and makes our lives so desireable that others will be drawn to Him and His ways.

Oh, yes, just as a bit of triva, Ron Paul was the doctor who delived my youngest son some 37 years ago. I would have never guessed at the time that he would one day be running for president of the USA.lol

Have a great day!! connie

Sharon said...

You have said all the things that have weighed on my heart as well. It is a sad pick of choices we have and since we know one of the two will be the next President, my decision has to be on the lesser of two evils and pray for God to touch the hearts of those in leadership positions.

Walking by Faith said...

Martie, I enjoyed reading your post. I understand your concern as we don't have the best choice this year, but if I could mention...we are not electing a Pastor..not that you're implying that, but we shouldn't hold them to such a high standard. We wouldnt' choose a man to be Pastor is he had been unfaithful to his wife or had been divorced. Just like we wouldn't choose a women to be our Pastor. This is just the way that's helped me feel confident in my decision to stand behind John McCain...he does show much more character than some. I never knew his story of being a POW until he accepted the nomination, and ever since I just can't speak ill of him...he's not a perfect man, but he the best name on the Ballot that has the best chance of winning for the unborn, the definition of marriage,giving Creation a chance in our public schools, and so many other issues that press us. Our hope is not in our government, our hope is in the Lord...may it start with me too. Thank you for your great post!