There is a definite chill in the brisk fall air. The birds fly overhead to the marsh preparing for their southern flight for the winter.

Tulip and Daffodil bulbs have been planted. Squirrels and chipmunks scurry through the yard finding gifts for their winter pantry, supplied to them by the tall chestnut tree in the back yard. Birdseed has been purchased for our feathered friends braving out a cold Wisconsin winter; and a curious six year old little boy sits by the kitchen window waiting to see one of the birds partake out of his bird feeder.

The freezer has been gone through, inventoried and is ready for the winter ahead. The basement is straightened and organized - our basement pantry shelves hold cans of veggies that will fill up the stew pots come December and January. Cans of pumpkin entice me to turn on the stove and make up some delicious pumpkin bars with gooey cream cheese frosting - or perhaps a luscious pumpkin pie. Cinnamon granola was made during an evening last week. We all savored the taste of the oats as we enjoyed a bowl the next morning for breakfast.

The "Little One" has crawling down to an art form and practices her little walk around all of the furniture. We are excitedly awaiting the adoption date coming here in the next few weeks - Lord willing! The others are well into their school work for the year. Violin practice fills the house each morning at 9:15 as each of the older children take a room of the house and go over their repetitions and songs. It is a good time for the younger ones to get outside and play or go for a walk around the block with Mom.

My wool socks are out and on my feet as I type this post. Hardwood floors are a bit chillier than carpeted and we have a fair amount of rooms in this house without carpet. Sweaters now are part of our normal everyday attire and I like it like that! I love my winter clothes oh so much better than my summer wardrobe. Winter coats will be taken from their moving boxes and be washed and ready for the chilly days that are already here. I have delayed this task as long as I could - it is now time to get the kids their coats out.

The 45 minute drive to church is breathtaking as we pass farm after farm. We are surrounded by God's beauty. I find my words are limited as we travel up these country roads - for the beauty that encompasses us enthrals me to sit and enjoy rather than talk. The golden colors of yellows are too numerous to mention each shade. The yellows and reds are so luscious you almost wish you could eat them - for the leaves are so vibrant that they look like candy hanging from the trees. The fields of corn are ready to be harvested and I am constantly reminded of Christ's statement on the fields being "white unto harvest". How wonderful that He spoke in word pictures - my mind comprehends so much better that way. I find it interesting how viewing nature makes me think of God so much. What beauty and lessons are seen from the masterpiece He has created in the nature that surrounds us.

Yes, fall is here - and we are loving it! Hope you are enjoying the beauty that surrounds you at this time of year - weather in nature or in the beautiful gift of family. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did.



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I enjoyed reading this post. It all sounds so wonderful. It is not chilly here yet nor the leaves on the trees are not changed much. Here on the Gulf coast of Texas has other beauties but none of the ones that you speak about. God is so good to us for whatever we see as we look out our windows and drive to church. OUr drive is only about 11/2 min. away. It is our favorite drive though.
I love this time of year it is somewhat cooler the skies are bright blue, the blue are returning to make their home for the winter, they are everywhere. The air is dries not so much humity, so it is really a very pleasant place to be. Family is what makes it home and friends make it a good place to be but the Lord makes it all so wonderful!! connie