Party's Over

I found out of his existence - when the noodles in my basement pantry had been opened - from the bottom of the package and half of them where gone!
I realized he was smart - when the set trap's peanut butter was licked clean; and the trap did not go off!

I understood that the kids had not lived in the country - when they were so excited to go downstairs and see the catch of the night! Such excitement!!

I felt vindicated - when Rob emptied the trap

The Party's Over, buddy! - - I won.

Please don't let a little mouse keep you away from your visits here - he is gone now!!




Susan said...

Eek! I'm glad you won - woman power! LOL

Grove Family Homeschool said...

Um - hate to break it to you, but my Mom always said, "Where there's one...there's more." Let's hope all his relatives don't come to his funeral!

Becky K. said...

Funny~ but GOOD for YOU!! We do not need these little critters in our homes...cute as they are and all.

You are a hoot. I am having fun with my contest/post. Thanks for playing~

Becky K.