Project Time

What happens when you husband is a pastor and moves into a different area of ministry and has to take the books from his the church office into a home office - a home office with NO bookshelves? ....


My husband has been working and working on getting his books some shelves on which to live. I have been fully endorsing this endeavor as I have 6 Christmas trees that need a place to stand for the holidays. Some of the "key" spots for their holiday standing have been filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of books.

Rob has made this a project for him and James to do together. It has been fun seeing them spending the time together - measuring, cutting and pounding together. James was given full rein of the sander - and did a fantastic job with the up and coming shelves.

For the staining and finishing of the shelves Rob called in reinforcements. While I was busy researching for a book I would like to write - they were downstairs together getting shelves looking a bit more ready for all those books that need to get moved before the holidays!

Thanksgiving afternoon you could find Rob in sorting and going through box after box and getting his books their new home.

Alas, after all the sorting and arranging - he found that he has more books than shelves!! This weekend, we were shopping together and found the wood he needed for the completion of some more shelves - at 1/3 of the normal price. Needless to say, he made the purchase and will be finishing some shelves for above his desk and at his side wall. For now, this is the finished picture.

I was happy though, that he purchased enough wood to build me some shelves in my piano room for my books.

We always have believed in the principle: "You get what you honor". For this reason, you will find full bookshelves in every room in the house (except the bathroom) - we also have kids that enjoy curling up with a good book when they have free time. Much better choice of entertainment, in my opinion, than watching network television!

So if ever you are in need of a good read - and you find yourself in the neighborhood - come on over. (You will have to spend the time on the couch reading though, as we have not yet got a computer system set up to handle checking out books.) Thanks so much for stopping by, I am glad you did.


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Shelli Hawkins said...

Good job on your bookshelves!!

I have a great memory from my childhood where Melissa and I created a catalog system for all the books in the house. Our parents checked out the books and we charged them late fees when the books were over due. It worked out GREAT!!