His Provision

We were heading home. The roads suddenly became ice as the temperatures cooled the falling rain into a hardened form. Our limitations became clear to us as we saw car after car go sliding into the ditches around us. The car in front of us completely turned around in a circle. Police lights and flares warned of the hazardous conditions. Cars realizing the warning hit their brakes and slid helplessly on the traveled road.

It was scary. Out of our five children only three were with us for the trip home. The baby was sleeping soundly in her car seat. The other two were watching with their eyes glued to the road. It was scary. Abbey told Daddy, "I am so scared", over and over. Her thoughts matched mine exactly. I was just praying that God would give us safety and provision.

He did. He always does. We were only a few blocks from a church member's home. It became our haven for the night as we waited out the storm. Sleep came easily, even though we were displaced. Such a big week we had just encountered.

We headed home in the morning on clear roads, with a clear blue sky to boot! I stepped in my door, thankful to be home. Thankful also that God uses others to provide for the needs of the saints. Such a grateful heart I had for a family that was willing to sacrifice for us. I prayed and asked God to someday soon allow us to be vessels of provision for anther Christian in need of His provision. I am awaiting His answer with eagerness.

Rejoicing in His Watchful Care,



~~Deby said...

oh we have had trips like that where we knew, that God's hand of protection was guiding our car....Praising the Lord with you, Martie.

Sharon said...

God is so good! I'm thankful He kept you all safe!

Jendi said...

I praise the Lord that he kept you and your family safe. I still remember a couple times like that when I was a teenager and my dad was driving.


I am so glad that the Lord protected you and your family and that he gave provision for your needs. You are right, "He always does." connie