Looking Through His Eyes

Life's inconveniences - how quickly they take me to my knees. I ask God to make my life more comfortable, easier, less painful. Then, I ask for wisdom to get through the trial.

It is then, when I am truly listening, He speaks, He shows, He changes - - ME.

I perceive that I need a nicer house - yet He knows that I need contentment.

I perceive that I need more money for groceries - He knows that I need to see Him provide.

I perceive that I need a nicer car with a warm heater - He knows that we need as a family to snuggle together as we make the trip home from a weekend of meetings.

And, as He gives wisdom, I awaken to truth -I am amazed. Both at what He is doing - and how often I miss the big picture.

Oh to know Him. To know Him so deeply that I realize that I need nothing else but Him.

I read of the great Christians from years before and I realize how deeply they knew the Lord. They talked to Him. They studied Him. They knew of Him. I have never found an exception that those who saw God work mightily in their lives and ministry also knew great need. It was through the need that they saw God. How often I want the fellowship of him without the sufferings. Alas, but the two can not got together; for to fellowship with Him without the sufferings is to miss going deeper into the understanding of who He is and what He can do.

Oh that my heart would put aside the desires for ease and would yearn more and more for Him. For His grace, for His mercy for His love.

"God, give me eyes to see my true needs; and then let me see You work."

Oh to see Him! Oh, to know Him...

"Looking unto Jesus..."



Anonymous said...

Ditto Martie. I relate.
We'll be in your area soon!

Adrianna Gimbel said...

I hear you! This is something I have been working on myself as of late! I pray that we can all learn to trust Him in the ways that we need to...He's a little smarter than we are!

Susan said...

I know what you're saying. And I know I don't want the suffering part, either. May the Lord help us both to want to know Him better, no matter what it takes!