Some People I Would Like You to Meet

I thought I would share with everyone a relatively new blog that I think you will enjoy. Beautiful for Thee is a labor of love from the ladies of one Baptist church in northern North Dakota. I think you will find the blog edifying, encouraging, and uplifting. There is something in there for everyone - whether you are single, newly married, raising kids or empty nesting.

This is the church where my husband spent most of his childhood. It is also the church that my husband I spent our first married year attending - before we headed off to finish Bible College. So - I enjoy getting to hear from friends from a few years ago - as well as meet new friends who have joined the church after we left.

So, in the evening, after the children are tucked in for the night, the dishes done, and the husband is sitting reading a book - pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in for some good Christian fellowship with other ladies from way up North. You will be glad you did. Drop them a note - and tell them I sent you. They will be glad to meet a new friend.


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