Blessed Sounds

How thankful I am for the gift of sound. So much of my day is richer and more pleasant when I take time to listen... the sound of Anna's "Hi" when she first awakens in the morning

... to the steady breathing of my Zak as he pauses and takes an afternoon nap music being learned and perfected by my older children as the practice their violin the still small voice that tells me I am loved - even when I make a mistake the sound of my neighbor, newly widowed, coming and asking for James' help with a bag that is a bit too heavy for her my husband whispers in my ear, "I love you, you are my best friend"

...Mozart's symphonies playing softly in the background the kids' laughter when Daddy pulls into the driveway after a long day at work

...the sound of an old wood floor's creaking as I softly tip toe to bed

What sounds most delight your ears? I would love to know...



Adrianna Gimbel said...

A good belly laugh from my kids when playing with them!
Hearing my daughter say the dinner prayer and how sweet she can be when she prays for her friends or teachers that have been sick.

~~Deby said...

sometimes it is just silence...or my husband singing as he is doing the remodeling in our home..he has a great voice..or hymns..or the wind through the trees..there is so grandsons calling me Nana