Trying to be Her

The last day of the month. A month that has 31 days. I read again the passage - the Proverb of the day. I am challenged - to be that woman.

Committed to her faith.

Passionate about her family and their needs.

Concerned deeply enough to be motivated to care for the needs of those less fortunate.

Strong enough in character that her days are filled with purpose and ingenuity.

Then I read the second to the last verse and find the foundation for all of her actions and attitudes: "...but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

I close my Bible, ready to start my day; but not before I ask the Lord to allow me to know Him. To have every relationship, every action, every attitude throughout my day be a direct result of Him working through me.

"Lord, make me to know you so well that I become her."


Persuaded said...

amen sister♥

Susan said...

Love it! So easy to get caught up in all the doing she did, and forget the relationship she had with the Lord.