The task is too hard. The burden too heavy. The outcome unknown. The fear - too great.

Then it happens - in a moment. A chance meeting - a realization that all the pain, all the frustration are all part of the plan.

The moment when it is realized that there is no mistake - only a divine purpose.
A plan - HIS plan - for me.
The task's difficulty does not change, the outcome remains unknown; but the burden suddenly becomes lighter - the fear dissipates.

How much of His path do I choose not to take because of fear?
How much of His strength do I not know because of self effort?
Ah, the rest the comes to my troubled heart when I realize that before time began - before I was even born - this was His plan for me.

I can rest - for "faithful is He who calleth you - who also will do it."

I claim it. I quote it. I pray it. I find one of His most precious gifts to me - Himself. He ministers. He lingers. He whispers peace. I find rest.

Resting in His Promise,


Persuaded said...

thanks ever so much for this encouragement... i really needed it this monday morning.

praying that you and your family are blessed today♥

Becky K. said...

So very, very true.