Our church is celebrating it's 35Th anniversary by having a church pictorial directory made. Church members have made their dates and times for family pictures to be taken. Tonight was our appointment.

I decided to snap a few myself before we headed out the door. Taking a group picture with five kids - one teenage girl who hates her picture being taken, another one who tends to get the giggles when the camera is pointed her way, a boy who is not fond of the camera, one autistic six year old who is wanting his blanket over his head and a one year old - has it's moments. Here is the best we could do:

The church pictures went well; although they had their moments too. Anna decided that if everyone wanted her to smile that was exactly what she was NOT going to do. So, we have a picture in the directory with five kids - the one in the center looking as serious as a heart attack!

We finished the night up by surprising the kids with dinner out at a local steakhouse. They were thrilled. All and all, it was a good day. God is good. Children really are a blessing from the Lord - even if you can't get them to smile during a family picture!




Persuaded said...

what sweet children you have, my dear♥

and you know, i didn't know your son had autism. my oldest daughter had asperger's and my 19yo son has down syndrome "with multiple autistic-like behaviors"...

we should talk, girl;)

Becky K. said...

You always seem to get great results with your camera. I am sure it has its challenges, though, as you describe.

Probably made you more sympathetic to the photographer at the

Nice job!!

Becky K.

Virtually Violin said...

I guess that it turned out ok!Although I still HATE getting them done!