Common Courtesy

The Fisher Price cell phone is pink. The Fisher Price cell phone belongs to Anna. The Fisher Price cell phone is one of Zak's favorite toys. How big he feels when he pulls it out of his pocket and converses with 'someone' on the other end. Just like Dad.

We have tried to teach our kids courtesy while we are on the phone. "Unless it is an emergency - do not interrupt the person while they are talking on the phone.' This is the rule. If you have called me lately - you will know that there are days we are stilling working on the appropriation of this household rule.
The other day I had a handful of things for Zak to take upstairs to his room. He was busy pretending to be like Dad with the cell phone. I thought to myself, "Just as soon as he is done with that call I will tell him to take the stuff upstairs." To make matters worse, I laid the pile down and started to go to anther chore awaiting me. Somewhere between laying it down and heading to the next task I realized - He is not on the phone - it is a toy! He is talking to nobody!! I felt like a fool as I told him to put the phone down and take the items upstairs.

I am thinking that Motherhood is getting to my brain - what's left of it.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.



the Weigt Family said...

Martie - I cannot believe how much older he looks these days!! Hunter got a big smile on his face when he saw Zak on the computer!! He started doing his usual excited jumps and said, "ZAK!" We miss that guy!!

Becky K. said...

Very funny story. These are the precious things of life!

Melissa said...

This is one of my favorite Zakie stories!

Miss you guys!


(just so you know, the word I had to type for word verification to post this comment was "comas!"

Grove Family Homeschool said...

This is so funny! It made me laugh out loud!!

Anonymous said...

very funny story Martie, you are so good to play along with the kids like that :-)
have a wonderful memorial weekend!