A Soldier In Training

The monument stood allowing all who passed and looked on to consider. To remember...

Freedom has never been free. Freedom in any form always comes at a price - a high price.

He is but a boy; but with big dreams. Thoughts of what he could be. Thoughts of the future wrapped up deep within him.

He stands and he looks on. Even though he is only ten he understands...

Military service runs deep within the family. Both of his Grandpa's served their country. His Great Grandpa came back from World War II never to walk again. His uncle is serving his country and has had three tours to Iraq. His Daddy wore a uniform - and would still be wearing one if God had not called him to the ministry.

In his heart he has seen their courage, heard their stories and been inspired.

My Mother's heart cringes as he looks with awe upon the uniform. I cringe - because I am aware of the price that sometimes comes with that uniform -any uniform.

I also realize that even if he never wears the man-made uniforms that adorn other service men; he is a soldier. Born again and surrendering to God --he entered the ranks. The battle is fierce at times. Many have been called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. Many more in years to come will follow in their footsteps.

I am challenged anew that it is my job, my responsibility,my God given calling to prepare him for this battle. I know not where God's will may lead him; but I know he will need to be prepared, strong and ready. I am raising a soldier. The freedom of men's souls is at stake. God is looking for men - may he give us grace as we seek to raise this one for Him. May he leave our home prepared for the battle and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Challenged by the Task,

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