Nineteen Years

It was nineteen years ago, this week, that I married my best friend.

God has been so good!


~~Deby said...

Congratulations...isn't it wonderful to be married to your best friend...I too am thankful for ours and others who are in for the long haul----and committed to the Lord and each other...sounds like you and your husband to me

the Weigt Family said...

You know, if I didn't know better I would think that these pictures are of James getting married :)...boy, do they ever look alike!! Anyway, congrats!!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! It's wonderful to be married to your best friend!

Persuaded said...

awww... how cute you two young things were!

i love hearing about happy successful marriages♥

Sheryl Shaffer said...

I remember the day well! You two LOVED the tinkling glasses at the reception! I think you still love that part too. Praise the Lord for the blessing of true love.
We love you both.