Back To School

It has been twelve years ago this month, that I started on our homeschooling journey. She was five - I was excited - and even though I did not drop her off at the kindergarten door, I watched as she did her school work from her desk in the basement - and I cried. Amazed how fast time had gone - she was already in kindergarten!

Our journey in homeschooling has continued through the years - and more kids than just Rachel. I taught the kids their phonics and math - same scope and sequence - just a different child. We have enjoyed the years - being together. We have been frustrated at times - being together. Yet, through the years - we have grown - being together.

We have maintained a commitment to parent directed education of our children. Realizing it our decision to make the most of our children's educational years. Homeschooling has always been the tool that God has allowed us to use.

Until this year...

God has opened up an opportunity for our children to be educated outside of the home. Our commitment to parent directed education has allowed us to see that for our children, that God's desire and will for them is to go to our church's Christian school. We are excited and blessed beyond what words can say. We are finding ourselves amazed at how life can change and thrilled to know that we serve a God that knows all things. He knew twelve years ago that our homeschooling journey would end in August 2009. What peace we have to know we can rest in His will for our lives.

So, on Monday, we start school. Only this year - I will drop the kids off at school and come home to a much quieter house. Until then, I will be labeling pencils, checking the school supply list just "one more time", and thanking God for His goodness to us.

Trust that through the hectic time of "Back to school", you are able to reflect upon God's goodness to you. I pray that whether your children will be in a classroom with other children, or sitting at your dinning room table looking over their new books for the year - that you are able to take time to reflect on Him - and be blessed.

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did. Perhaps with all this "free" time on my hands I will find the time to blog more; but at first you will find me cleaning the parts of the house that I have not had the time to clean while being my children's teacher. (Refrigerator coils - here we come!)


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Adrianna Gimbel said...

Wow! What a change for you and the kids! I will be praying for this transition that you are entering. I absolutely LOVE our Christian school that Piper goes to, and Lord willing, Xander will go to one day as well.