Twice Blessed

My days are different now. Lunches are assembled as the sun is rising in the sky. Breakfast is placed on the table and it is I who gets the little ones their early morning food. Different because I had helpers three weeks ago that fed, changed and dressed their younger counterparts. Now, you will find them getting themselves not only ready for the day; but a day away from the house. A day in the classroom of their school.

School is going great. They love it. The first week I could not believe how much I could get done with the older ones being taught by someone else. That was week one. This is the finishing of week two. Housework has been caught up - laundry is being maintained and I find myself missing them.

I wonder how their classes are doing. I find myself praying that they will remember the things we quizzed over last night during their homework time.

I muse over whether their lunch was hot enough - their water bottle cold enough. I smile as I think about what their faces looked like when they found the little treat I cleverly hid in their lunch box without them knowing.

And ... as I think - I take Anna to the potty - tie Zak's shoes - and a variety of other activities that my helpers did just weeks ago. I find myself amazed at how surreal life is now. It is like I have been transported back 15 years when I had just two children. There were noses to wipe then - just like now. It is with this thought that I find myself most blessed - I am getting to relive being a Mommy - twice.
I whisper a prayer of thanks to God -- as I run in and make sure the basement door is closed keeping a toddler safe from harm.

So thankful for His blessings; and so glad you stopped by.


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I am so happy for you. May your days always be filled with wonder and Thanksgiving. God is so good to us. connie