Diplomacy Defined

Mom: Zak, I want you to take this laundry basket downstairs; and put it on the washer machine.

Zak: (taking the basket and heading down the steps) How about if I take it down for you I get 2 peanut butter sandwiches for lunch?

Mom: Just take down the basket...

Zak: Two sandwiches?

Mom: No, you won't get 2 sandwiches; but you will have 1 happy Mom.

Zak: (resigning himself to the task) - I would rather have the sandwiches

I am thinking of contacting the American government - He may make a fine secretary of state - diplomacy seems to come naturally to him.

Enjoying the fall weather and so thankful you stopped by.



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Melissa said...

I can just hear him! That's so adorable!