A Note to Momma

Watch me, Momma as I go down the slide again and again - there will come a day when slides will be a thing of the past.

Cheer for me, Momma when I master the stairs, use the potty and count to ten. These are the skills you get to teach - and enjoy when I master.

Walk with me, Momma and enjoy watching my eyes as I take in the sights and sounds all around me.

Hold me, Momma as you read me the book - over and over again. Watch me point to the dog, the cat, the bird. Find amazement in the wonder of learning once again when you look into my eyes.

Laugh with me, Momma, when you tickle me. The day is coming when my tickle spots will not be ticklish anymore - and I much too big to wrestle with on the floor.

Enjoy me, Momma; for these are the moments that shape me - and mold me into the young lady I will be someday - not too far away.

Trying to enjoy every precious moment with her.



That post is just full of truth. It brought back memories of my sons and daughter as they were growing up. I took a trip down memory lane with your help. Thank you so much. I would have to not be able to remember! connie

Virtually Violin said...

Wow Mamma! I Love the pictures - and the truth is so great!
Lots of hugs and kissses

Heidi said...

so sweet.....she is adorable and those days are so precious

the Weigt Family said...

Where did your little baby go!? She has grown so much! Great pictures and sweet post!!