Excitement and Change

We sat with them on a Thursday - Dad told them God had provided a way for them to attend the Christian school. There were tears shed as the realization that God had answered prayers. There also was clapping and an overwhelming sense of excitement. In days they would start school - and would have to leave the house to get there!

Friday was spent purchasing school supplies and making sure that they had the clothes they needed to start school on Monday.

Saturday was spent at the schools open house - listening, learning and taking it all in. It was like a dream - so much - so unexpected - so happy they were!

James was thrilled to see his classroom. Imagine the thrill of a fifth grader to see this as one of the bulletin boards in his classroom.

A bit sheepish about having his Mom and a camera in the same room - this was about as good as I could get:

There were locker combinations to learn - and the skill needed to master the lock. Abbey picked up on in quicker than expected.

Then there was the inside of the lockers to decorate - a desire they thought would never happen in their lifetime. Lockers - THEIR OWN lockers.

We left the school grounds that Saturday afternoon - registrations and rule book in hand- and some pretty excited children in the back seat. One of the kids said, "I don't think I will be able to sleep at all on Sunday night - I am so excited!" That about summed it up - seems sleep is often hard to get before beginning a new chapter in life.

Trust your days are filled with happy times and memories. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.




Adrianna Gimbel said...

How is school going for the kids? I'm sure this is a huge adjustment for them! Wish them well and let them all know that we are praying for them!!

Martie said...


The kids have adjusted quite well. It has been quite a change from what they are used to; but we are pleased with the results. God is good. I will let them know you are praying for them - thanks.