I finally downloaded pictures from off my camera. I wanted to share some pictures from Zak's birthday. I can not believe he is seven now! What a wonderful night we had celebrating him. This was the funnest birthday I have had with Zak - because this year he really understood what it meant to be HIS birthday.

You will notice the "candles" on the cake - I thought I had some in the cabinet - but they were not there! I decided to improvise and substitute. I had thought I may come up with a cheaper version of the wax candles - but that was not meant to be. The matches burn out REALLY fast - so he got to blow out his candles one at a time - seven times in all! (The rest of us were glad that it was a gluten free cake and we all had our own after he got done with all his candles.) LOL
What a joy he is to our family. I can not imagine our lives without him.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I am so glad you did.

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the Weigt Family said...

Happy Birthday to a very special young man!! We miss you, Zak!!