Trusting His Leading

It was at a church service that God spoke to my heart. Money had been tight and we had been praying for God to provide. The night before my husband and I had sat and talked about what needed to be done to make it through this time. It was talked about briefly; but the next night at church I knew it was God wanted me to do.

I told Rob that I knew God wanted me to sell the piano - my piano. The thought of it even hurt; but verbally telling Rob what I needed to do was difficult. I had my doubts of the possibility of even being able to sell it with the economy as bad as it has been.

An email was sent out; and to our amazement someone was interested in purchasing the piano. Our church was just finishing a remodel on the chapel of the church it was the desire of some people to purchase the piano in memory of a family member that had sacrificed much for the music program of our church.

I was left speechless. What a wonderful God I have. Yes, the piano is gone from our home; but the parting was so much easier the way that God planned it. Now, every time I am at church I can see the piano, chapel services at the college are filled with the sounds of the piano. God provided the easiest way for me to part with something so special to me. Every time I walk past the chapel I am amazed at what a loving Heavenly Father I have. He can always be trusted and complete obedience to His leading always brings blessing.


Melissa said...

Oh, Martie! My heart is heavy for you, yet I rejoice in God's blessing. I know what you guys went through to have that piano, yet I know God's will is perfect.

Miss you guys bunches!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Spurgeon...

Thank you for sharing that! It bought tears to my eyes! Makes me realize being obedient sure has its blessings.

Joanne' Dupee