Complete Trust

Zak came home yesterday after having a minor surgery done on his esophagus. Everything went really well and besides being a bit more tired than usual - he is doing great.

It was exciting to see how God truly answered prayers. Zak had been quite apprehensive of the surgery. I also was a bit concerned for there are several issues that usually flare up when he has surgery - the main one being his blood pressure.

It was hard for me to see him fearful of the surgery. More than once he would talk about it and cry telling me he was afraid. The Mom in me wanted to take the fear away and just cancel the surgery - except that could not be done. Rob and I began talking with him about his fears and the surgery. We told him that it would not hurt - he would be asleep and not feel a thing. We told him we would sit with him and be with him. Yet the thing we talked about with him the most was that God was with him - and he would be right there with him during the whole surgery and He was take care of him.

It was neat to see him talking about God and how He was going to help him through the surgery. The day before the surgery we went in for the pre- op. He had been fearful even up to that time - and was a bit afraid as we held hands into the room. Then something happened - it clicked. All the things we were telling him about God and how He would take care of him - all of that clicked! We walked out of the room - registered for the next morning - - my hands filled paperwork, his hands filled with stickers. Then he looked up at me and said, "Mom, I am not scared anymore. This is going to be fun. God is going to be right there with me and there is nothing to be afraid of!" He said it so enthusiastically. Totally trusting in the fact that God was going to take care of everything!

My heart was relieved to know that God had come and comforted his heart - God had become real to him. My job was not to take the trial away from Zak; but to point him to Christ through the trial.
The next morning - not only did we not have problems with his blood pressure - (it was actually a little on the low end. :) We also did not have the usual problem with him waking out of the anesthetic. (Normally he can not be comforted and had a very very hard time waking up- screaming for hours. Yesterday we had no problems. There was a peace in his heart going into the surgery and waking up from the surgery.

God is good. How much he cares for us! How ready He is to calm our fears and give us peace - if we just turn to Him and trust. It meant so much to me as a Mom to see God minister to the heart of my son in a way I could not. It was brought home once again - I just need to point my children to Christ. He can fully meet the needs of their hearts. Of course He can - He loves them more than I do!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad you did.



Becky K. said...

I am so glad for you that he did well. You really ministered to his heart and then God met him.

Becky K.

the Weigt Family said...

SO happy all went well for Zak!! We know all too well the anxiety that comes with surgery! We are glad to know that God took care of Zak once again.


You post just brought the tears flowing down from thankful to the Lord for giving him comfort and for taking care of him and for his parents who love the Lord and can place their child in His hands to care for him in a way that they could not.

I hope you and your family have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. LOVE TO YOU, connie