Holiday Plans

I have been busy preparing for another Thanksgiving. How quickly the year seems to fly by!

I have set up the Christmas trees and have the house ready for the holidays.I try to get that all done before the rush of the season comes upon me.

We will be spending the holiday with family. The menu is ready with the normal Thanksgiving dishes. We are planning on doing the meal later than we normally do. James and Papa will be hunting in the morning -a later dinner just seemed to 'work'.

We will be staying close to home this weekend - enjoying each other and resting.

Monday will begin a week getting ready for another surgery for Zak. He has his physical on Monday to make sure everything is ready. The surgery will not be till Friday morning. (Never a dull moment.) Zak is having his tonsils removed and tubes put back in his ears. It also appears that his adenoids may be growing back (go figure) - they will take care of anything there also. The doctor also found he is in need of some reconstruction work on his sinus'. We will wait on that surgery till he heals from this one.

Much to do- much to be thankful for - much to pray and ask God for wisdom. How thankful I am for His blessing to us each day - and that we do not have to do this alone.

Trust you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We truly have so much for which to give thanks!



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Sheryl Shaffer said...

Happy Thanksgiving Martie. We love you guys. Hope to see you in February there! NTBC celebrates it's 30th Anniversary in April. Unbelievable isn't it? What a privilege to serve our wonderful Lord and Saviour!